Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Middle East region conflict

Ongoing conflict in the Middle East region, according to Nourouzzaman Shiddieqy (1996), is associated with a map of the region Arab countries today, which is made by the Western colonizers, especially Britain and France before and after World War I. The invaders, in this case the UK, according to Nourouzzaman, is clever in dividing up the territory. He was always preparing a "time bomb" in the form of territory that would become prickly dispute between the countries that formed. See for example: Kashmir (India and Pakistan dispute), land disputes between Palestinians and Israelis, and between Iraq and Kuwait.

Thus, the problems that occurred in various parts of the Arab in essence, from the beginning, is indeed related to the wider interests of the region itself. This means the world to be responsible not only for moral reasons, but also, for reasons of politics and history and humanity. Moreover, if indeed there is a desire to build a new world order that is more peaceful, humane and equitable.

Azyumardi Azra (2002), argues that the involvement of external parties (international force) in the realization of peace becomes a very crucial factor. International powers, especially the United States and other Western countries, should be more fair to the Palestinians (and the Arab world in general [sic.]; Not applying double standards and different treatment to both sides. In addition, international forces are also should do the pressures on both sides to mutually recognize the existence of each one in turn to peaceful coexistence.

Correspondingly, the UN Security Council must also be reformed, the most important issues concerning the membership and veto power; increasing role of international institutions, especially the OIC, and no less important, internal communication and cooperation the Arab region itself. Why is this important area of ​​internal scope? I remember when writing a thesis about thinking Munawir Sjadzali. In one of his books, he revealed once quipped by Arab journalists, why a Muslim-majority Indonesia can not establish an Islamic state. By pack Munawir, answered diplomatically, "I also wonder why the Middle East that still incest both Arabs, but the conflict constantly!