Sunday, July 4, 2010

Globalization: between glocalization and Grobalisation

A number of experts to assess globalization is a myth. In essence, they are not just dubious of globalization, but also, even the view of globalization can never really materialized. If it can happen, the important question, who benefits? Globalization, a blessing for anyone? Various studies and reports concluded, only the rich countries alone are benefited by globalization. Even if there are countries that benefited the poor and neglected, it concerns only slightly populated. It is yet to consider a number of resulting adverse impacts. Hence, in various parts of the world, also witnessed the emergence of a number of anti-globalization movement.

Globalization of the word 'global' means comprehensive or cover the entire world, with an additional suffix 'ization' meaningful process. In short, globalization is a process or globalization processes something. Put differently, globalization also means the process universes, single place. This is where the question "What is global or whether the global?". What's globalized wealth, or conversely, that globalizing is poverty? And, what's globalized capitalism, Americanization, or McDonaldlization?

The phenomenon of globalization is characterized by market expansion and escalation of consumer behavior in various areas of life. Consumptive phenomena such as these suggest a variety of variants of human oppression in the pack chasing the growth of industrial society, though, an awareness of pseudo-community, so it feels "oppression is satisfactory", said Heru Nugroho (2006). Ironically, he added, excess consumption by the community in various aspects with all its negative impacts are the driving forces of the industrial economy. This situation is also supported by various financial institutions and the use of mass media as the spearhead of persuasion arena for certain commodities.

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